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Do you want

  • a writer who understands exactly what your business needs?
  • to save time and money; and gain a fast mover advantage with content that is consistently crisp, clear and on-point?
  • to make your business and ideas accessible to everyone?
  • messaging that transforms complex ideas and jargon into sticky tales?
  • your audience to get relevant, current and reliable information backed by meticulous research?

Hire me. I shall write for you:

  • Website
  • Blogs
  • Articles
  • Brochures
  • Business & Industry Reports
  • Case Studies
  • Newsletters

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How do you make sure that your ideas remain behind you even after you leave the podium? You hire me to craft slides that will showcase your expertise and ideas through stories in an engaging, unforgettable manner.

Presentations require specialized writing. If you want to elevate your speakership and stand out from a sea of speakers, let me help you craft powerful presentations for your key audiences:

  • Customer Presentations
  • Employee Speeches / Presentations
  • Business Proposals
  • Start Up Pitches

Case Story


A CEO needed a story to help thread together a keynote speech for an industry conference. His theme was The Role of Ecosystems in Building the Internet of Things. The problem is that each of the other 12 speakers would pepper their talks with stories about technology and automation and robots transforming our lives. How could I help my speaker to stand out from the clutter?


I decided to go retro and use a story from India’s struggle for freedom. The Sepoy Mutiny of 1857, aka India’s first revolt against British rule, may never have come to fruition if in 1851 the East India Company had not laid the foundation of a railway network in the country. For decades, there had been escalating unrest among various sections of Indian nationalists, but these uprisings had failed to capitalize on each other’s momentum — for lack of communication and coordination.

The 1857 Mutiny began in the barracks at Meerut. The railway network — which connected a few major cities in the northern and central parts of India — enabled news of the uprising to spread. It also allowed for congregation of the various mutiny leaders in a short period of time, and transformed a localized mutiny into India’s first war for independence. This is a perfect parallel for modern day networks and role of ecosystems.


My speaker told the story brilliantly, and the audience related to it instantly. He was nominated the most interesting speaker at a conference that featured far more seasoned presenters. We have received requests to present the same speech on other platforms.


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