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B2B Copy

You can have the best company or solution, but if your web and email copy doesn't communicate it clearly, you lose customers.

Pitch Deck

Less than 1% of new businesses get funded. Beat the odds with a professionally written persuasive funding pitch.

Brand Repositioning

Your brand is as much about the audience's perceptions as it is about real benefits and skills. Take control of your brand and position yourself as the leader you are.

Hi, I am Sonali.

If you’re a

 funded B2B tech company hungry to grow faster

 profitable self-funded B2B tech company on the hunt for new investors

 mid-sized B2B tech company craving a premium-commanding brand

 mid-career leader flexing your personal brand for the next big career leap

You and I will do great work together.

You already have an amazing product/service that solves your customer’s pain points. Why – you ask – do you need a brand booster? Turns out, it is not enough to have a breakthrough product. You need to complement it with breakthrough messagingthat speaks to humans, not faceless corporations. Without conversational messaging, even the best solution is lost in the clutter.

When your customers hear complex jargon and endless lists of features, they lose sight of the benefits. They lose interest. Worse, they switch to competitors who may not really solve their problems. Won’t you hate that? That’s why you need a powerful brand built with conversational content.

Now, here’s the thing — branding a B2B tech company is no easy job.  

It requires humanizing technology with a hefty dose of brand storytelling. It’s about transforming geeky features into real world benefits. It’s about starting conversations that get you a sale. It’s a specialized skill, much like your specialized product or solution.

If your B2B tech company solves a painful problem, hire me to boost your brand. Let’s make your ideas and business accessible to the people who matter.

Sonali Raval - Certified Inbound Marketer

Sonali Raval – Certified Inbound Marketer

Sonali Raval - Certified Content Marketer

Sonali Raval – Certified Content Marketer

Recent Projects

Lead Generation for Blockchain Security Service

Lead Generation for Blockchain Security Service

Social media ads, acquisition emails, landing page, case study. The complete content package required to obtain and convert leads.

Personal Brand Repositioning for Mid-Career Executive

Personal Brand Repositioning for Mid-Career Executive

Personal branding framework, with exercises to uncover current and aspirational brand. Most importantly - total hand-holding and step by step breakdown on how to reposition/pivot.

Funnel Copy for Data Security Service

Funnel Copy for Data Security Service

Social media banners, direct mail, conversion pages. The complete content package required to convert prospect to customer.

Employer Brand - Strategy and Plan

Top engineering talent did not consider the R&D unit of a large services company as potential employers. The company’s services brand was overpowering the R&D brand. I helped them craft a plan that brings to the fore their thought leadership and technology focus.

Want to know how I deliver the boost your B2B brand needs?


Smita Dave

Marketing Leader - Networking Industry

"Sonali is extremely adept at business writing with an eye for creativity combined with detailing.

She has the unique power of understanding business goals very quickly and translates that to succint communication.

She is very personable and a delight to work with as she can turn around projects as desired with minimal briefs and supervision.

I would recommend her to any organization looking for a Communications expert."

Srinivas Rao Mahankali

Founder, CEO - Cybersecurity Company

"Sonali is extremely bright at visualising and putting together outstanding communication - you just had to discuss the idea and she would come up with high quality output. Very conscientous and dedicated to her work."

Tapan 'Ananta' Garg

Founder, CEO - CIO Association

"Sonali has a way with words. She abhors the mundane and works hard to ensure that every word she "sends out" makes sense and is interesting.

She has an intuitive sense about how people process (written and graphical) information, which is extremely rare and is a huge asset.

It's great to work with Sonali because she is unafraid to speak her mind, and at the same time is very open to input - again a rare combination.

Definitely one of the best "communication" professionals I've worked with, and I've worked with quite a few."


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