Do you know the one characteristic that all great brands possess? They tell great stories. I build brands – organizational as well as personal – by telling your stories.Stories that intrigue, inspire, persuade, motivate and propel people into action. I also coach business leaders to craft and tell their best stories.

I am a storyteller who has worked for two decades in the corporate world. I understand business needs intimately, and make it my business to bridge the gap between what organizations want to say and what people need to hear. I have honed to a precise degree the art of unpacking complex jargon, and turning it into tales that people understand, relate to and remember.

Ideas fascinate me. I spend hours thinking, and stitching together ideas (some my own, some borrowed) to build something new. I have been called an “Idea Amplifier”, and I own the label with pride. It helps to have a mind that understands the spirit or intent  behind the words, and automatically picks out the significant facts from surrounding clutter.

I love my super power – an incredible connection with animals. The world can be cruel to those without an agency, a voice. I refuse to condone this. I do everything I can to make this planet a happier and safer home for all. I rescue dogs and cats, rehabilitate the injured, re-home abandoned pets, advocate for their rights, foster and adopt as many as I can. And every day, I pray that I – and others of my tribe – will no longer be needed. Until then, I use my storytelling expertise to help local animal shelters raise awareness and funds.

I draw no boundaries between the professional and personal me. Engage the storyteller or the animal rights warrior, I am all me. You get the same passion, commitment, and willingness to smash through every barrier that stands between today and a better, kinder world.

Professional Journey

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The Stories I Live By…

Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged   |   Daniel Quinn’s Ishmael   |   Richard Bach’s Illusions


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