Do you want to build a brand that resonates with your stakeholders? Be it employees, customers, investors or even suppliers, people want to be associated with a business and brand that they trust and like.

I can help you to:

  • articulate desired position and brand promise
  • define brand objectives and target audiences
  • create a brand plan and break it down into specific activities
  • measure the impact of the brand plan

True Story

Problem: An Engineering R&D Centre that is a part of a company with a 10x largerServices division found it difficult to attract the best talent. They realized that the kind of people they wanted on their team did not even consider them as an option. Similarly, the organizations they wished to collaborate with for research projects would often overlook them. The company’s larger and much better known services brand was overpowering the R&D brand.

Solution: We decided to build an independent Employer Brand for them, separate from the Services division. Since the objective was to raise awareness of the company’s R&D muscle, I advised them to make technology contests, hackathons, thought leadership events, and branding partnerships with R&D focussed organizations the key pillars of the strategy. You can view the brand plan here – Sonali_Raval_Sample_Brand_Plan

Result: In about a year’s time, the R&D centre began to see traction with their core audience and was able to hire the people they wanted.  


Branding Sample – Building an Employer Brand


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