How do design and themes drive presentation impact?

To answer this, I chose the most overlooked, often boring slide in a presentation – The Agenda Slide, and designed it in four different ways. The design is rooted in either a theme, or the speaker’s priorities and personality.

Scroll down this  page for sample slides – it is the exact same powerpoint slide, created in four different themes and designs.

Presentation Sample 1 : On the Plate Today

This was created for a client who is a well known foodie, and often sprinkles their speech with food based metaphors. To keep the accompanying slides aligned to their personality and speaking style, I chose to incorporate food elements into the presentation design and slide titles. The agenda slide features images of the different food courses – from soup through dessert – in a logical progression.

Presentation slide 1: On the Plate Today

On the Plate Today

Presentation Slide Sample 2 : Agenda

This was created for an All Employee / Townhall meeting. The team had been performing very well, and the speaker’s objective was to deliver a speech that would keep their winning momentum going. I chose to use a sports based theme for the presentation because it is a very well understood and motivating metaphor. The agenda slide typically sets the playing field, and therefore a playing field / stadium visual was used to kick-off the speech.

Presentation Slide 2: Agenda



Presentation Slide Sample 3 : Today’s Agenda

A new manager has just taken over a team that had been performing well, but not up to its full potential. The manager wanted to motivate the team in a small personal meeting by sharing their past track record and his analysis of how and where they could get better results. I chose a retro design theme, to visually highlight that past information was being shared and analyzed. An old-world newspaper fits the requirements well.

Presentation Sample 3 : Today's Agenda

Today’s Agenda

Presentation Slide Sample 4 : Today’s Schedule

This was designed for an All Employee / Townhall meeting for a group that was performing extremely well, and was on the verge of taking on new responsibilities that would make it globally visible and critical to the success of the entire company. The speaker’s key message was “Be prepared to take flight”. I chose an air travel based theme to emphasize

  • how much more visible their work would be
  • how rapidly they were expected to scale to their new responsibilities
Presentation Slide 4: Today's Schedule

Today’s Schedule

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