Writing a funding proposal for your business can be nerve-wracking

Pitch decks or funding proposals can be incredibly difficult to write

Writing a pitch deck or funding proposal for your own business is nerve-wracking.

Technically, it should be easy. After all, you know the business inside and out. You understand the industry and ecosystem that shape your fortunes. You should be best-positioned to advocate for it.

So, why is it that writing a funding proposal for your own business is so hard?

Turns out, your investors don’t need all the information you have. They need only the right information, framed and positioned in a compelling way.

The trick to crafting a persuasive funding pitch is two-fold:

  • First, decode the thought process that determines their funding decisions
  • Second, craft a convincing pitch

It’s my job to:

  • Know what information investors need
  • Extract the right information from you
  • Present it in a way that your investors are compelled to pay attention

The process is far easier said than done, which is why it pays to use a professional. There’s a method to this that I have crafted over the course of a 20-year career in copywriting, persuasion and decision-makers’ psychology.

What You Get
  1. Pitch Deck: Pack of 15-20 slides in Google Slides / Microsoft Powerpoint format, written with Sonali’s Secret Sauce
  2. Business Tagline: a single-sentence tagline that clearly articulates your value proposition

If you want a pitch deck that obtains funding for your dream business, drop me a note: